Fire Red Anger: The New Age

Final Note

This D&D is at a close. The next adventure will be called Fire Red Anger: The End of Time so keep a eye out for that. Also I will be giving GM rights to XxdarkdaggerxX as his character (Titus) has definitely deserve it. That is all.


As a summary,
Ethir Parvus and Fletcher Mendax died from the forces of light. Titus strapped himself with C4 and blew everyone else up.

But the story isn’t over.
Lucas survived with a handful of the Titus Gang. He decided to finish the mission and take over the capitol. Lucas ruled with a iron fist and no one could escape his wrath. But his rule was short lived. But we must get back to what happened to those who wasn’t in the fight. Gambino stayed in his club, living it up every night. Lucas left him alone for morale reasons. However, Gambino did not survive long and one night he had too much to drink and died while he was still partying. Mr Cash and Mrs Cash continued their black market business and became one of the biggest companies around. But all this did not last long. With the harsh ruling of Lucas, rebellion sprung up. After years of civil war, Lucas died from an assassin, who became the next Leader. His name was not known because soon after, he was also assassinated. This went on for years and years.
Then it changed, maybe it was the fact that the constant war brought famine and aggression to the capitol. Maybe it was the atomic bombs that detonated to stop the rebellion. Whatever the reason, the new age ended and the end of time has begun.

The Final Battle

The Government is no more. With Titus and his men fast approaching and the Capitol already doomed from the destructive pollution. Mr Page and the entire government ran away. They left by a rocket and would have been able to start again but Death aka The Dark Lord intervened. Using fear, he destroyed the rocket and everybody in it.

With the government gone, Titus and his troops attack the heart of the capitol. It was a devastating battle. It started with the attack on the remaining forces of the government. Robots being lead by General Hawk. They were destroyed, with minimal losses. Then the light mages showed up. These were the people that took the Fire Book, who tried to stop the bomb that destroyed a district full of children. And now, they are about to take on Titus. The battle was long and devastating. Soon, Ethir Parvus and Fletcher Mendax died to the forces of light. Things weren’t looking good. But Titus thought up a plan to end this new age. He strapped C4 to himself and blew himself up, killing him, his friends and the light mages. The battle was over.

8th Session - L.A Noire District

Titus’ gang is becoming stronger and stronger. Titus] has taken on the Mafia and the Police, crippling the Police and taking over the Mafia. Fletcher Mendax has a confrontation with Hawk and he convinces her that he has infiltrated the Titus Gang. He has given information that the Titus Gang is trying to raid District 25 next. This isn’t true. The Titus Gang has had enough messing around. They are going to try to take over District 1. Will they have public support? How will this effect the Capitol? And will anyone be able to stop them?

7th Session- The Battle

A battle commenced, leaving the front wall of the Gangsters HQ in pieces. But again, The Titus’ Gang prevailed and killed about 20 cops and a robot.Fletcher Mendax surrendered to Titus Reeve and agreed to work for him in exchange for his life. Lucas found the A.I that controlled the robot, The Overseer. Lucas hacked into this A.I and now has the government database. They seem unstoppable now. But a war is coming, one with unforeseen circumstances…
Titus’ Gang is now heading towards District 87, to deal with the Mafia gang…

6th Session - the calm before the storm

In this session, preparations are being made for the upcoming battle. Titus recruits Albert, a doctor that can be quite useful if someone gets hurt. Bug’s legacy actives, turning on The Overseer, an AI that has the personality and memories of Bug. The Overseer has located a disabled robot which Fletcher has decided to go after. Troops are marching towards the location of Titus’ Gang…

5th Session - The battle at the police station

Fletcher Mendax, Bug and Crow get to the police station with two other guards. But Titus’ Gang was too much, killing both Bug and Crow. Fletcher ran, delivering the bad news to Hawk. Now the government has gotten information on Titus’ gang’s location and they are ready for round two…

4th Session

A lot has happen since last post. After the bomb, an elf appeared in the district, investigating what has happened in the Capitol. He finds Titus and joins up with him. Elmar Shavyre and Ethir Parvus also joins Titus in his increasing army. Titus has taken over the Gangsters HQ and is currently gathering prisoners to join his army. Fletcher Mendax makes a new friend who seems to be half-cat. Flecter is now assembling his army to take down Titus…

3rd Mission: Sandbox

Several big things happened in this session. Titus Reeve (link doesn’t work) decided to bring crime into his own hands and attacked the Gangsters in the lower district in District 78. With his team that he grouped together he began an assault on the HQ. The battle is still going and will be continued in the next session. Elmar Shavyre, Ethir Parvus and Ana kin decided to do a dastardly act, attack District 12, also known as the children district. Elmar and Ethir bailed and returned to base leaving Ana on his own. As there was chaos everywhere, a bomb landed on the child hall. You see,Fletcher Mendax has been given permission to launch a bomb at District 12 to destroy the troublemakers, Elmar, Ethir and Ana. The bomb didn’t go off, so Fletcher set it off remotely. It was a Bio-Bomb, so it killed everyone in the district. Execpt for Ana. For some reason, the chemicals of the bio-bomb that hit him, set off a chemical reaction that set Ana on fire, He has burns all over his body, but he was alive, but not for long. Fletcher, using the intact cameras, saw that he was still alive, sent a guard in, to finish him off. The guard succeeded. One of the Capitol’s biggest enemies is dead.

2nd Mission: Hostage Situation

The second mission has been completed and this is how it went:
The mission- to deal with a hostage situation and to bring the agent back alive.
Titus convinced the kidnappers to join him and blew up the storage house they were in. The Civilians (Hostages) were killed but the Agent survived, who was then rescued by Crow. Ana, before the explosion, snuck into the building and threw the explosive so he could blow it up. But Titus saw the explosive and told everyone to step back, so he could explode it. Afterwards, Ana joined Titus. Ethir and Elmar , decided that this was not their fight and didn’t join in. Fletcher is unsure whether to trust Titus and often wonders what Titus is doing. Fletcher tried to go about the situation peacefully but Titus had other plans. Overall, Titus is building p an army, with Ana helping him. Fletcher returns to the government, upset that more civilians has died because of his ex-teammate but glad that their mission still succeeded. Ethir and Elmar go back to their base, not realising Ana is gone.


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