Ana kin


Killed By Government by Bio-Bomb

Race: Human
Role: demolition
faction: Freelance
age: 30
preferred combat: close/medium quarters ( uses his explosives and shotgun)


This character is very witty he susses out be4 he attacks and uses his wittiness to plan every senario that could happen he uses a modified shotgun that has a under barrel nade launcher. He is secretly inlove with (binnsy), the are an evil duo but (binnsy) doesnt know that ana kin is deeply inlove with him. They both a special made visors that assist eachother, Ana Kin’s visor has 3 modes thermal walls and wire sense Ana Kin and (binnsy) soon ran into rego ( liam) and he join after a massive initiation. After multiple raids and attack Ana Kin soon learned to never trust a government official, especially after the horrible event that nearly took his life. After completing a mission for the government they shortly tried to betray him. he narrowly escaped with his life, his right leg and left eye was taken in the escape. Ana kin used his visor to mask his missing eye and he uses a peg leg that is decked out for his jobs encase he runs low of explosives

Ana kin

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