Ethir Parvus

Quiet little midget


Race: Elf
Role: Thief
Faction: Freelance
Age: 27
Preferred Combat: Stealthy and planned.

He is a midget.


Ethir is a midget. He stands at 4’ 2", and has blonde hair and golden eyes. He is obsessed with the art of stealth, and he uses a crossbow as his primary weapon, despite having brilliant training with swords and knives. Ethir uses specialised bolts for his crossbow, including bolts that contain thermite, explosives, poison and electrical charges. Although he is not trained in the arcane arts, he has been taught to enhance his bolts with basic elemental magic.

Ethir Parvus comes from the Prominent ‘Parvus’ Family. The Parvus family is rich, skilled and also, they are all midgets. Nobody is quite sure why the family of elves are all short enough to appear as halflings, but they have been around since the rule of darkness, and are associated with many legends. As a child, Ethir was trained with a sword day and night, but never really connected with the training. He was not impressed by swinging steel and clashing blades, he preferred to sneak around the shadows and get up to mischief.

Ethir Parvus

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