Fire Red Anger: The New Age


As a summary,
Ethir Parvus and Fletcher Mendax died from the forces of light. Titus strapped himself with C4 and blew everyone else up.

But the story isn’t over.
Lucas survived with a handful of the Titus Gang. He decided to finish the mission and take over the capitol. Lucas ruled with a iron fist and no one could escape his wrath. But his rule was short lived. But we must get back to what happened to those who wasn’t in the fight. Gambino stayed in his club, living it up every night. Lucas left him alone for morale reasons. However, Gambino did not survive long and one night he had too much to drink and died while he was still partying. Mr Cash and Mrs Cash continued their black market business and became one of the biggest companies around. But all this did not last long. With the harsh ruling of Lucas, rebellion sprung up. After years of civil war, Lucas died from an assassin, who became the next Leader. His name was not known because soon after, he was also assassinated. This went on for years and years.
Then it changed, maybe it was the fact that the constant war brought famine and aggression to the capitol. Maybe it was the atomic bombs that detonated to stop the rebellion. Whatever the reason, the new age ended and the end of time has begun.



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