Fire Red Anger: The New Age

The Final Battle

The Government is no more. With Titus and his men fast approaching and the Capitol already doomed from the destructive pollution. Mr Page and the entire government ran away. They left by a rocket and would have been able to start again but Death aka The Dark Lord intervened. Using fear, he destroyed the rocket and everybody in it.

With the government gone, Titus and his troops attack the heart of the capitol. It was a devastating battle. It started with the attack on the remaining forces of the government. Robots being lead by General Hawk. They were destroyed, with minimal losses. Then the light mages showed up. These were the people that took the Fire Book, who tried to stop the bomb that destroyed a district full of children. And now, they are about to take on Titus. The battle was long and devastating. Soon, Ethir Parvus and Fletcher Mendax died to the forces of light. Things weren’t looking good. But Titus thought up a plan to end this new age. He strapped C4 to himself and blew himself up, killing him, his friends and the light mages. The battle was over.



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